Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Funny and an Announcement

I'm kinda glad my GPS doesn't do this, although I wonder if it gets mad when I don't take its advice and constantly says in that patient voice "Recalculating."

Also, an announcement. The Proper of the Day is going on hiatus. I realized that part of my Advent discipline of being quiet and listening meeds to include my blog too. I've noticed it's been more and more tedious for me even to post my Sunday entries, and I completely neglected to post anything for St. Andrew the Apostle. So at least until Christmastide begins PotD will be observing an Advent quiet too. I want to thank all of my readers! I honestly don't know if I will start up PofD again or not. That will be part of my Advent discernment.
Blessings to all for a holy and restful Adventtide!