Friday, August 17, 2007

Baseball Update

It's been a long time since I've reported on how my teams are. Of course, you can always check for yourselves, since the links are in the All Sorts and Conditions of Sites section, but just in case:

RFSJuniors, my first and favorite team, is now solidly in third after a long run in second place. Hitting was working really well in the first half of the season, as was pitching. I made a few changes, including trading away Prince Fielder to the first-place team in the league. But what has happened is that hitting has declined somewhat and I pitched too many innings too early. Remember the maximum 1250 IPs for the season? With six weeks to go I 'm going to run out of innings to pitch before the season ends. I'm down to one starter per day maximum, even if more than one are scheduled to pitch. I don't expect to get back to 2nd, although that would be nice.

RFSJ II is in 4th place in its league. Their hitting never materialized like I thought it would. Pitching, however, is pretty good. Once again I have to watch my total IPs, even though I'm not nearly in the same predicament as RFSJuniors.

RFSJ III is in a dismal 10th place out of 12. I was doing well in the pack, 5th, 7th, 6th, etc., but with a drop of 1.5 total points I fell a lot. The problems there are runs, average, and ERA, all of which are dreadful. I don't expect much to happen with this team. In a way, because it was free (no sign-up fee, which means I don't get alot of the background research like my other teams do) I sort of have been free to be more daring. This is what happens, perhaps!

I am starting up 1 fantasy football team and one NCAA football pick-em team. I'll report on them when the seasons begin. Go Bucks!


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