Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Made the Playoffs!

The fantasy football league I play in has a playoff system built in it, so that the top four teams play against each other in week 15 and 16 in a championship round, and the next four play against each other in a consolation round, in a strict 1-vs-4, 2-vs-3 format. RFSJuniors finished Week 14 in 4th place, so we play the No. 1 team OaklandSlugga in the league this upcoming week. The playoff bracket is here. If I win this game I can't finish lower than second in the league.

I'm kind of amazed actually. It seems like mostly luck on my part that I've gotten this far. I don't have the sense of this game that I think I am getting in Fantasy Baseball about how to win, but it's quite clear to me that I happened to draft one of the two top quarterbacks this year in Dallas's Tony Romo. If I did not have him I would simply have been a member of the pack. I am still unclear about how one actually prepares to win in this version of the game, and I'm not sure I'll play again next year or not.

In the meantime, I can't seem to find a patron saint for football. Any ideas?



Binx said...

The only patron saint I am overtly aware of is the one for roller skaters and skate boarder's who is Catherine of Alexandria who was broken on the wheel.

RFSJ said...

Hi Binx,

Welcome! I didn't know about Catherine, but of course that makes sense. Supposedly St. Patrick, when sold as a slave, was sent to a pig farm, but that's all I could find....