Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No More Death In New Jersey!

The death penalty, that is. Gov. Corzine signed the bill eliminating the death penalty in New Jersey. I am very proud of him and the legislature for doing this. My own view, informed from a Christian perspective, is that human life is sacred and that we ought not arbitrarily cut it off, no matter what a person may have done. More importantly, if we execute someone for some crime, we potentially cut short any repentance and opportunity for reconciliation that person may be going through. I leave the status of an executed murderer's soul in God's hands, but I do not want to have a hand in cutting that short. Two wrongs do not make a right in this case.



Troglodyteus said...

My own view does not agree with your own view which is informed from a Christian perspective. Perhaps I am uninformed from a Christian perspective.

There is nothing arbitrary about the majority of executions. It is a long and drawn out process. Those found guilty have years to repent should they desire to do so. Their status at death is theirs to choose.

RFSJ said...


No one is saying you do or don't have a Christian perspective. I've laid out mine; what's yours on this issue?


Troglodyteus said...


You stated that your view is informed from a Christian perspective. It must be important because you mentioned it. That means that those who disagree cannot do so from a Christian perspective. On an issue such as capital punishment can both sides argue from a Christian point of view? In addition, the fact that you are a priest adds more weight to your words. I accept that.

You say that human life is sacred. I accept that.

I disagree that we arbitrarily, capriciously, illogically, without rhyme or reason, or, randomly, execute anyone. Because of the length or the process, none are denied the chance to repent or the opportunity for reconciliation.

The people of The Great State of New Jersey through their elected representatives have chosen not to impose the death penalty. That is their right.