Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gay Dads Invited to Church on Sunday

From today's NYT Online:

This Father’s Day, one of most popular pastors in America will open his megachurch to homosexual dads, an event that would usually signal an extreme weather alert from old guard Republican evangelical leaders.

I was surprised to read this, as I hadn't heard about it previously. The Saddleback Church, which Pastor Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life) leads, doesn't seem to have anything on its website that I can see. (There are actually four locations, each with its own website.) Soulfource, though, has a press release about it here.

At St. Thomas's we'll be doing a special blessing for fathers at the end of each service on Sunday. I hadn't thought about issuing in invitation - maybe next year!

I'll be curious to see what other reactions are. What are yours?


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Doorman-Priest said...

Bring it on, and come back every other week guys. You're very welcome here.