Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Football Update: Final and Bowl Games

RFSJunior football ended the season with a respectable 4th place. As I noted earlier, I was pretty amazed to have made the playoffs, but then my players did not do well in my playoff games. Still, 4th place is better than I thought I could do. I still need to decide if I will play fantasy football next year or not. It was interesting, but I found I didn't get into it like I did baseball.

College football is a different story. I Iike that, mostly because I am doing very well at it. I ended the regular season at 560th worldwide, 66th in the Fans of OSU Group, and 13th in the Fans from New Jersey group. That puts me in the 99th percentile. It's fun, but it's a little disconcerting, also, since for over half the season all I did was pick the favorite to beat the spread. That was enough to do really well.

I am also, for the heck of it, in a BCS pick-em group. Here we pick who will win each bowl game. It's a straight-up pick-em game; no point spreads here. I am doing well in this game as well, by using my usual strtegy of always picking the favorite. At the moment, that places me at 57th in the group. My downfall will likely be the BCS Title game. I am picking OSU over LSU for unabashadly sentimental reasons. I'll report fully after January 7.


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