Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rudy is Done

At 9:01 PM, MSNBC is giving Rudy Guiliani 15% of the vote with 47% reporting. He's out of the race. I'm glad. He was definitely a ballbuster and carried grudges. See this analysis and this one. Regardless of what he claimed, I don't think being NYC mayor during 9/11 qualifies him to be President.

They are not calling the race yet, but McCain is ahead of Romney about 38,000 votes.

If I had to vote Republican, I'd vote for McCain. for the most part, you know where he stands. Romney is just a panderer - who knows what his real position is on anything?

Update @ 10:03: MSNBC sez Guiliani will endorse McCain tomorrow. I think that's pretty classy.


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