Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baseball Update - All-Star Edition

Well, the All-Star Break is now over and we start the second half of the year. The AL beat the NL for the 11th straight year in the 15th innin by a score of 4-3. It was disappoinitng, as I'm an NL fan. But that's the way it is.

RFSJuniors is not doing well at all - 9th of 12 at the break. Essentially, I have terrible hitting. (Performance is a combination of both hitting and pitching numbers, accumulated fromt he players I "own" and then compared to the other teams in the league.) Although my team's batting average is second highest in the league, I am dead last in home runs and stolen bases. It really hurt when both Chipper Jones and Albert Puhols got injured in May and June. I made one trade to get a stolen base guy - Jacob Ellsbury of Boston, but that didn't help at all.
My plan is to wait through August and then probably have a fire sale. I would like to finish in the top half of the league if at all possible, but I don't see that happening barring a miracle in hitting. There just aren't any power hitters out there. Well Barry Bonds may be activated, but I wouldn't want him - I actually owned him last year and he was a bust. The trading deadline is August 10, so I need to make some decisions in short order.
Oh well. Hope springs eternal!

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