Wednesday, July 2, 2008

GQ Profiles Bishop Gene Robinson!

Even before he could speak, he knew it and felt it: knew he would never be separated from it; felt it in the form of light and heat. actually, light and heat belittled what he felt. They were just words, and words were small, man’s way of knowing; words could point and suggest, but never apprehend. When he was old enough to search for better ways to convey what he felt when the love of God came upon him, he would tell his mother and father and minister and anyone else in Nicholasville, Kentucky, that it was like butter, liquid-warm, luminous, drizzled atop his head and descending over and through him in a seamless golden coat to his feet.

As a child, he prayed the way he breathed, and for the same reason. His Sunday-school attendance record was unblemished, from toddlerhood to the time he left for college. One Sunday morning, he woke feeling that his insides were being dry-baked. “Nothing’s wrong,” he told his mother when she saw the color of his face. “Let’s go to church!” So off they went, where he passed his measles on to every student in his Sunday-school class. Weighed against the prospect of not getting his Sunday fill of Jesus, the reprobation that came from being a Patient Zero was a small price to pay.

Gentleman's Quarterly has done an excellent profile on the Bishop of New Hampshire, the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson. Bishop Robinson is the only bishop in the entire worldwide Anglican Communion to not be invited to the once-a-decade Lambeth Conference of anglican bishops, hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury in England. (The ++ABC, as he's called in shorthand, is considered "first among equals" in the Communion because of his role as Primate of All England. He chairs the Lambeth Conference and the once-a-year-or-so Primates Meeting, and is President of the Anglican Consultative Council. See more about him here.)

The reason Bishop Robinson was not invited to Lambeth? He is gay and has lived openly with his partner for decades.

Read the GQ article here. You will get a fine sense of the love of God and the holiness of Bishop Robinson, whom I've had the privelege to meet personally an several occasions.


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