Monday, August 18, 2008

The Proper of Yesterday: The 14th Sunday after Pentecost

St. Thomas's had Picnic Sunday yesterday. As I noted to the congregation, not a Major Feast of the Church. but a continuation on this day of the this Feast of the Lord that we always come together on Sundays to celebrate. I didn't don my full vestments at all; instead I wore a polo shirt and shorts and socks and sneakers and put on my stole over that. Lots of other people came in shorts and stuff too, so it was good. I asked at the beginning of my sermon (my notes are too sketchy to even include today, so you just get a recap) if anyone was uncomfortable because I wasn't vested. Several people rasied their hands, and I prasied their honesty. I pointed out that the discomfort some felt over my casual attire was nothing compared to the discomfort felt by the disciples and at least initially by Jesus in the encounter with the Caananite woman in the region of Typre and Sidon in the Gospel passage appointed for the day. I bascially reminded us all that the Good News for the day is that ultimately Jesus is human like us - in my mind, he shows growth and maturity in his own expanding understanding of his ministy on earth.

More importantly, though, Matthew is reminding us that the mission of the Good News is not ultimately limited to anyone. As St. T's wants to proclaim and live out the Good News of Jesus in Vernon, we, too, may need to stretch our own boundaries of comfort as we welcome those into our community who may well be different from us.

Although none of us are worthy to even gather the crumbs under the table (if we has been doing Rite I you know we would have used the prayer of humble access today!), in Christ Jesus we not only get the crumbs, we get to sit at the table with the Master! Our job is to invite all people to come to the Table, for it's His Table, not ours.

Here are some pix of the picnic. I want to thank the Clouses and the Dickersons for putting all this together - it was a great success!

Shucking the corn to be roasted over the grill - thanks to Pochuck Farms for the discount:

A few folks sitting down to eat, including one happy vicar!

Some of the kids in the pool. Thanks go to Nancy Hansen, parishioner and director of The Children's School, where we had the picnic.

The picnic in full swing. We had so much food, it's a wonder I can eat anything today!

Swinging at the Pinata....

Almighty God, you have given your only Son to be for us a sacrifice for sin, and also an example of godly life: Give us grace to receive thankfully the fruits of his redeeming work, and to follow daily in the blessed steps of his most holy life; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.


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