Saturday, August 9, 2008

So I went to the fair on Wednesday

Here I am with my host Jill (in the midlle) and another parishioner at Jill'sd box at the Horse Show ring. The weather was just beuatiful, as was the company!

Here's Jill and her husband Peter with me at their box. They rent it for the entire ten day fair run, and since they're their every day, it makes a convenient place to rest out of the sun.

The Sand Sculpture is pretty neat - you should see all three sides of it. Very whimsical!

Pete and I are enjping free ice cream fromt he New Jersey Fresh pavilion.

This city boy is about as close to nature as he wants to be....

Well, OK, maybe a little closer is OK....

Thank you to Jill and Pete for showing me around and taking the pix - I had a wonderful time!


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