Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Private Poll: Obama beats McCain by 16 Electoral Votes

The NYT has a cool feature that allows you to draw your own electoral map of the presidential election. At the moment, I'm conservatively predicting predicting that both Ohio and Florida will go for McCain, but that Obama picks up Colordado, New Mexico, and Iowa, as McCain seems to have conceded them. Here's a link to my map - you can draw your own if you sign in to the site. Note that you need 270 EVs to win the presidency. Many pollsters are giving Obama much higher scores, as Obama is trying very hard to break down the "270 +1 vote" mentality of governance and widen the concensus in American politics.


PS- Just found out you have to relink each time you make a change to the map. Darn.


Fr Craig said...

go to fivethirtyeight.com if you want good analysis of the electoral college. It's a rout.

RFSJ said...

I like electoral-vote.com myself, and it's also predicting a rout. We shall see!