Saturday, September 8, 2007

Communion, in the best sense

Thinking Anglicans noted a new blog earlier this week, called Covenant. It's been put together by a well-known (at least in the Anglican blogosphere) group of correspondents, both lay and ordained. I have read many of theri own blogs, and was pleased to see the list. They are some of the most thoughtful commentors on the theologically conservative side of things, but always in a sense of Christian charity and Anglican humility. They describe themselves as evangelic and catholic, and their mission is:

cov·e·nant (kuv’en ent) from the Latin convenire: agree, assemble, summon, combine, be convenient or suitable, unite. [1250–1300; ME {}covenir {}convenire to come together, agree; see CONVENE]

We are evangelical and catholic Anglicans, and fellow travelers from the wider household of God, assembled and summoned to a common labor in the ecumenical Church of Christ, not least through the present struggles and gifts of our communities.

We recognize that the Anglican Communion—the first instance of ecclesiality with which we, in this particular online assembly, wrestle for a blessing—is incomplete by itself, because we have seen with our eyes and touched with our hands the wounds of our Lord’s body: the countless factions and disputes that do not bring Him glory, leaving us all together far short of our call to “share,” as sisters and brothers visibly united, in the “partnership” of His offering (I Cor 10.14ff.).

I commend Covenant to your regular reading!


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