Thursday, September 20, 2007

I saw a neat ad this evening

While coming home from Hunter College on the PATH train from the WTC station, I happened to be standing where I could look outside onto the tunnel walls. I saw a cool ad that animated itself as the train passed. It was a a pink carnation (I think, I'm a guy, I don't know flowers that well) blossoming open. At the end it says "Morning Stretch - Westin, the way it should be." I doubt I will have much cause to stay in a Westin anymore, although I did stay in them a lot when I was with Gartner, and the Westin/W chain is my favorite. But the ad itself was a delight.

You can see it here - scroll down to the pink flower item for the ad. There are some other cool things being done in NYC right now too - check out the Shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central - those are the "shuttle wrap" pix ont he same page. I'm gonna have to go ride one!


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