Sunday, November 4, 2007

Can Someone Help Me Out?

I'm usually fairly good at figuring things out, but for whatever reason I cannot fathom this cartoon at all:

Anybody have any ideas?



Sally said...

Although the picture is described as an allegory, maybe it works better as a metaphor. Meaning, that one can reflect or meditate on it and make one's own meaning instead of scratching for "the" meaning.

I was struck by the knitting image. Plain knitting, the most ordinary thing the the world. Like love. But put love to use and it will take you anywhere - and if the sail wears out, there's more yarn ready to be knitted. It works for human love, also as a picture of God's love, always available to us.

So, it's a picture of the sacrament, the grace, at the heart of every ordinary thing. YMMV!

Sally D

RFSJ said...

Thanks, Sally - that's an interesting idea. I think I was limiting myself as I thought about it - often Lovely's cartoons are just quirky-fun, but this one was different, as if he's consciously expanding himself maybe.