Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Football Update - Week 10

Well, RFSJunior Football is above .500 - we're 5-4-0 going into Week 10. This week we play the No. 2 team in the league, Ribeyes, who are 7-2-0. The next few weeks are crucial if I intend to make it into the playoff bracket, because I need to be in the top 4 teams in the league to do that and right now I am No. 5 with 4 weeks to go. The good news is that many of Ribeyes' starters are off this week (their teams don't play and so neither do they) and they will have to start backups who aren't as good. So I may have a chance to win.

Some interesting developments in my NCAA Pick-em league. For the past few weeks I have consisted picked the favorite team in each game to beat the appointed point spreads. I expected to do about 50%, because the point spread system is supposed to handicap the stronger teams so that lesser teams can play them. (The lower the point spread the closer the teams are considered to be in strength. A zero point spread team would essentially mean even odds - a toss-up.) And in fact I have been doing about 50%; 9 of 16 correct in Week 8; 8 of 15 in Week 9, but then 14 of 20 last week. And my relative rankings have climbed consistently over the last three weeks: This week I am 638th overall in the entire league, 60th in the "Fans of Ohio State" group, and an astounding 18th in the "Fans from New Jersey" group. 18th place puts me in the top 50 - woo hoo!!!!! What's interesting is that the point spread system failed last week - the advantage still went strongly with the favorite team. I'm going to pick all the favorites again this week and see what happens. I may not be 18th, 60th, and 638th for long!

Go Bucks! Beat Illinois!


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