Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Football Update: Week 11

Well, RFSJuniors did win last night, but so did Nuclear Blast, so I remain in 5th place in the league. I should be happy, right? I mean, I have never played fantasy football before, and I'm in the top half of the league. And you're right, I'm pleased. But it's funny how one always wants to do better in these sorts of things. My original goal last season in baseball was to finish in the top half of the league - and I did. I finished 4th. But I was second for most of the season, not sliding slowly downward until August. And there were a few glorious days when I was actually first in my league. I liked that and found I wanted more of it. And so I find myself gently scheming to get in the playoff bracket in my football league. I'm not sure I can do that, but we'll see.

In College news, I continue to do really really well by doing nothing but always picking the favored teams each week. Even though Ohio State lost, I ended up 12 for 21 for the week, or 57% correct. However, in the rankings I am now 442nd worldwide (from 438th) and 31st in the Fans of Ohio State group and a truly mystifying tied-for-14th in the Fans From New Jersey group. So on one level the point spread system is working - most of the time, the effective odds are about 50-50. But what is strange to me is how bad people must be at picking teams to win. Do people do so mostly emotionally? Yes, I will always pick Ohio State to win, but they also are nearly always favored to do so. I mean the point spread data is right there. Or maybe people think they can do better than the point spread. However, the data seem to indicate they can't.



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