Monday, April 14, 2008

Baseball Update

Well, the baseball season is about two weeks old now, and my NY Mets are in third place in the NL East, while the Yankees are actually in last place in the AL East. Will wonders ever cease?

Apparently not, because my own fantasy team, the RFSJuniors, is actually in first place in our league, for the second day in a row! No one is more surprised than I am, especially since as recently as last Wednesday or so I was 10th out of 12 in the league. But my hitters are starting to hit (I'm leading the league in batting average) and my pitchers are doing very well this past week, with 7 wins and 4 saves and currently a very good ERA as well.

The season is very young, so anything can happen. And my league mates aren't going to sit still for this, of course. However, a key point in Fantasy Baseball is that good performance early in the season is critical. A single win, save, home run, or stolen base can move one up or down in the standings. As the season moves on, it will take a lot more sustained performance in order to move up in the standings. Over the weekend I acquired Corey Patterson, who got a lot of stolen bases last year and is off to a good start with Cincinnatti, and Chad Cordero, the closer for the Nationals who just got off the disabled list. Once Atlanta's Rafeael Soriano gets off the disabled list too, I'll have four closers in my pitching roster, which should really help with both ERA and of course saves.

Most of my team is off today, and they deserve the rest!


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