Sunday, April 27, 2008

I want this.

I find myself really envious. Here's an article in today's New York Times Magazine about younger gay men in their 20s and early 30s who are getting married. I want this too. I'm 41 and I want a relationhip that will last the rest of my life, too. I've been through it once - we took vows and everything - and I was devestated when it didn't work out. And I see friends and former boyfriends always with a date - it seems so easy for them!

LAST NOVEMBER IN BOSTON, Joshua Janson, a slender and boyish 25-year-old, invited me to an impromptu gathering at the apartment he shares with Benjamin McGuire, his considerably more staid husband of the same age. It was a cozy, festive affair, complete with some 20 guests and a large sushi spread where you might have expected the chips and salsa to be.

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the Reverend boy said...

Very nice indeed... as the Virginia Slims commercial used to say "You've come a long way baby!"

Would you believe that I read some email correspondence that people some gay people were critical of this kind of thing? Boggles the mind.

RFSJ said...

RB -

I wonder if it's age-related? As the article states, there seems to be in general a sense that Xer and older gay gays are considerably less interested in marriage, while those younger are; they tend to see it, as I understand it, as no big deal, why can't I have that if I want?

Be interesting to know the ages of your sorrespondents.

the Reverend boy said...

I believe it is age-related. In my own circle of friends, there is a wide circle of opinions on living a "married life." There is a tendency among the older folks (more so with men than with women) that living together or solemnizing a relationship as "something straight people do."

Doorman-Priest said...

Well, I shall pray that you meet someone who knocks your socks off - and soon.

RFSJ said...

Thank you, DP, I appreciate that very much!