Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Funnies - TGIF!

I still have a stock I've saved up, so I hope you enjoy (click on any image to enlarge)!

I'd say I laughed out loud, but then I got worried....

Isn't that amazing? One day it just happens? You have a completely normal conversation with a parent, and then it dawns on you....

"Mrs. Maestro" (my GPS) is a life saver, but she can be extraordinarily annoying at times...

This is soo true - school is completely backwards. We force kids to do their own work and work in large open spaces, and then send them into offices where we expect them to collaborate strongly on everything but stick them into tiny cubicles. What's up with that?


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Cali said...

Yes - we do such a good job at teaching kids to collaborate in creative ways, work in open spaces, and not let anything inhibit their abilities. Then they enter the workplace, and they're chained to a cube, told exactly how to collaborate, and given a desktop computer. And they're told to be productive...with their Industrial Age tools and guidelines!

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