Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Baseball and Funnies

Well, RFSJuniors has been doing pretty well this last week or so. Yesterday I dropped five points in the standings from 2nd to 5th. It's still early in the season and swings like that are still fairly common, albeit becoming less common now. Today my ace Tim Hudson and the Atlanta Braves are playing my Mets in Queens. It's one of the few times I want the Mets to not do well. I was mildly annoyedthat both Chipper Jones (2b) and Yunel Escobar (3b) are not starting for the Braves today. Had I had some warning I could have adjusted my lineup. Now I'm going to lose 8 or 10 at-bats. I haven't been pleased with Yahoo Sports in general this season, and this is just one more reason.

Some funnies for a Saturday afternoon:

This could be fun - I love putt-putt!

How true!


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