Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anglicanism explained?

Terry Mattingly is a journalist who writes a weekly column on religion.

In an recent interview, he said this:

The heart of the Anglican compromise boils down to putting St. John Chrysostom and John Calvin in the same pew. But neither one of those men want to be there. There are things on which they do not agree with each other, and they would not compromise. And yet the Anglican compromise tried to have both sides of a Protestant and ancient equation be equal. You simply can’t pull that off.

I think he has it mostly right. Read the whole interview here.



Bob said...

Of course, it all depends on whether one demands a solution to the problematic equation right now or whether one is willing to let time provide a solution that works.

RFSJ said...

Hey Bob,

Yup, you're right. Holy patience is wearing thin across the theological spectrum, I'd say. I'd like to think I'm a "muddler-through" myself, but I know at times I resonate with The Postulant and just get crazed by it all and want it somehow to just end. Much as I hate to admit it, ++Rowan is probably right in his incremental, keep-everyone-at-the-table approach.