Monday, July 9, 2007

At the All Star Break

Well, at the half season, RFSJuniors is in second place, RFSJ II is in sixth place, and RFSJ II is in 4th place. I have to admit that it's getting a little difficult to keep up with three leagues, but I'm doing my best.

AllOutBulls, who is now ranked 26th worldwide, has proposed an excellent trade to acquire another reliever that will solidify his lead enormously. It's a smart move and I applaud it. something I've been thinking about for a while, but he beat me to it. I still hope Joe Nathan is going to come through, but that looks increasingly unlikely. On the other hand, my trade of a few weeks ago for some guys who steal bases has helped significantly - I'm now third in that category and continuing to do well.

RFSJ II is in sixth place and doing OK, although batting performance could and I hope will improve. I have three marquis players and I am hoping they will improve their own performance and mine. I don't need anything in particular other than that at the moment - I've just got to hang in and hope. Islanders IV, the first place team, is very far ahead with 110.5 points to 2nd-place Wright Stuff with 83 points.

In RFSJ III, I continue to hope my batting will improve. I'm doing well in everything except average and saves, and I way ahead in wins at the moment. there is a trade proposed for Grady Sizemore for Fransisco Cordero, but I don't think I can afford to give Grady up just yet, so I'm looking for a reasonable compromise.

Here's my personal All-Star Roster, those players on the All Star Teams who I also own:


Prince Fielder
David Wright
Carlos Beltran
Barry Bonds
Torii Hunter
Alex Rios
Grady Sizemore
Derek Jeter
Brian Roberts
Miguel Cabrera


Francisco Cordero
C.C. Sabathia

Figuring out which of these players are on which of my teams is left as an exercise for the reader. On to the ASB!


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