Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Good Summary of Anglican Thought

Last week I posted an interview with Terry Mattingly, who offered a good basic overview of Anglican Christianity and the current divisions. Here's another, coming from a more catholic perspective, that I also find I resonate with. An example:

For example, in terms of Real Presence in the Eucharist you’ll find me somewhere between Transubstantiation and Ubiquitous Presence (the more proper understanding for the mischaracterization of Lutheran Eucharistic teaching often under the terms “consubstantiation” or “impanation”). But I know of those of a more Reformed bent who cannot accept either the change component of the former, nor the suffused presence of the latter, but rather the finite Resurrected Body is made present to us by the Holy Spirit and the Verba. And I know enough about Patristic teaching to know that all three of these have seeds in the Fathers. I prefer to leave the mechanics largely unexamined, perhaps sometimes out of sheer laziness and other times simply because the “how” is not something we can adequately explain in the media we have as finite creatures.

Read it all. Hat tip to Tobias Haller for linking to it.


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