Monday, October 22, 2007

College Football Week 8 Results

Well, the good news: Ohio State is still No. 1 after a b it of a squeeker against Michigan State. On to #24 Penn State on Saturday.

The other news: I picked 9 of 16 correctly in last week's games. You might recall I picked every favored team to beat its point spread as an experiment to see what affected point spreads have on a purely random selection. I'm not sure of any conclusions, but it seems the point spread serves the same purposes as a handicap in golf - it allows teams not as good as other teams to still compete, at least in the eyes of the betting parlors. So now it kinda makes sense to some degree. Without the point spread, a pure pick-who-will-win scenario will almost always favor the higher ranked teams, and that's who a savvy bettor should always pick to win. The point spread serves to even the odds. I wonder why it took me so long to figure this out? I guess I had to do the experiment to see what is probably clear to every other fan of college football out there!

I will post this week's picks when I actually do the selection. Any suggestions?


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