Thursday, October 18, 2007

On Anglican Comprehensiveness

The Rev. Canon Dr. Joseph Cassidy spoke recently at St. Chad's College, University of Durham, on Anglican ideas, ethics and thought. An excerpt:

[A]t the heart of what attracted me to Anglicanism, was a kind of institutional humility, even a kind of potential holiness, that I find compelling. Despite a few loud voices now and then, Anglicans do not pretend to be the epitome of the Church. They - we - don't think that Anglicanism on its own is the future of Christianity, though we trust that God may bring unity to his universal church by building on a few things that Anglicans have learnt over the centuries. We don't claim infallibility for our bishops or archbishops. Even though we can do so, we don't tend to excommunicate people for holding on to erroneous doctrines. We allow all sorts of people to call themselves Anglicans simply by being on a parish role, or less, no matter which church they were baptised in.

It's a really excellent article and I commend it to your attention.


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