Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I got skunked!

Well, Week 6 of the NFL season is over, and none too soon for me, either. I got soundly thrashed, 124-56, by Nuclear Blast. I learned a lot though. I did not realize until it came upon me the significance of the Bye in the NFL. At least once in the season each NFL team, and thus all their players, are off that week - it's called a "bye" for reasons that escape me. Last week I had several top players, including all my RBs either Bye'd or injured. So I actually competed with fewer players than I needed to. Problem was that it did not seem to make sense to pick up one of the available free agents as a substitute, because then I'd have to drop one of my better players, so I just went without. If I play this game next year I will need to take Byes into account as I examine my roster.

However, I am still 3-3 so far this year, better at the moment than several other teams. This week I play Cohrs Lite, which is currently 2-4. I have no Bye'd players scheduled this week, so that's a ray of light.


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