Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baseball Update

Well, RFSJuniors is in 8th place, after dropping all week. I made one error on my part by benching one of my pitchers who was scheduled to pitch. We did great and got the win but it didn't accrue to me. It's the risk I run - first time I've had more than two pitcher start in one day. We're only allowed 1250 innings pitched over the course of the season, and last year I really blew my IPs out and had to bench most of my starts throughout September. This year my rule has been no more than two starters per night, and of course the first time that happened, all three of them did really well.

What's really been hurting is my hitting. Very bad this past week. Average is low, not so many RBIs or HRs and precious few - 1, I think - stolen base. So that has really hurt. I've got some good players, but they aren't hitting well. I only hope that changes. I'd like to move back into the top half of the league if I can.

Well, hope springs eternal. I'm gonna go look at the waiver wire, to see which players I might be able to pick up who would be good to have.


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