Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Tradition: Saturday Funnies

Hmmm, I think somebody doesn't quite get the picture, although there is the Thummin and the Urim (point to the first person who identifies them correctly....)

OK, this was just funny....but you have to be of a certain age and a bit of a computer geek (sigh) to get it....

Shades of algebra and calculus.....I loved it!

Oh dear, they have me pegged....

I love Red and rover, and this was just cute!



bls said...

Thummin and Urim are the lots used to cast to decide where to put the ark and which king to anoint and other such things.

(Thank God for EFM!)

RFSJ said...


Here's to EFM indeed! Extra points are use. Feel free to figure out what to use them for :-)