Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm of mixed opinions on this

The Rt. Rev. Paul Moore was Bishop of New York from 1972-1989. At one time he was also Dean and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, my home parish. He was considered a true liberal man and one who did much for the Church and society. He was married twice, and had several children. He also led a double life as a bisexual man. This was revealed in a biography of Bishop Moore released in March by his daughter, Honor Moore. An except was included in The New Yorker a few months back and The New York Times has reviewed it today.

One hesitates to review a reviewer rather than the book, but I haven't read the book yet. But I think the reviewer does a fair job of reflecting the conflict arising from Ms. Moore's "outing" of her father when he did not wish that to happen. Now, I personally thinking outing a politician who is voting against measures designed to protect GBL people from discrimination, etc., is fine. But for most people, even most public people, one's sexuality is one's own business. And I would argue, from what I know of Bishop Moore's record, that he was a staunch advocate of gay and lesbian people in and out of the Church. he ordained the first openly gay woman, as I understand it. So as far as I'm concerned he doesnt deserve to be outed. If Ms. Moore has demons to exorcise, seems to me that its better doing so privately with a therapist than publicly via a book.


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