Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Did You Know?

As an Xer, I am one of the first of the cross-Internet generation. I actually remember a time before the Internet. As I look around the vicarage, I realize a lot of aspects of my life haven't changed. I don't have robots cleaning for me, althogh Roomba and his colleagues do exist, and I still cook over gas using real meat and vegetables and all that. Paper books still exist and are in no danger of going away. I still watch a big TV in the evening. I still have a toaster and sit on furniture from my grandmother's house and I have a car that runs on gasoline. In many ways my life hasn't changed from when I was growing up in Toledo.

And yet the Internet has changed the world, in ways we do not yet even have much of a clue about. Here's an excellent video called Did You Know that asks some very pointed questions. Unfortunately, there's one question it did not ask that I think continues to be relevant today. What question do you think needed to be asked and wasn't? I'll tell you my opinion after you've weighed in.

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