Friday, February 1, 2008

How Would Jesus Vote?

Religion News Service] When Mitt Romney has to persuade evangelical voters that he is authentically Christian in order to become president of the United States, something is badly wrong with American politics.

It's an interesting article, reminding us of the framers' intent of the place of religion in the United States. I was also struck by the the quote from Sen. McCain, that "the Constitution established the United States as a Christian nation." What's funny is that it is well known that most of the framers were Deist in their thinking about God. Thomas Jefferson himself did not believe Jesus was the Son of God, but more or less a great teacher. Check out the Jefferson Bible if you don't believe it.

I defend the qualifications religiously, of Mitt Romney to be President, because, under the Constitution, there aren't any.

Read it all, and feel free to comment.



Butch said...

I didn't think Mit was a Christian. But I have to say that quite frankly, and having studied up a bit on Mormanism, I'd be a little scared if a Morman were president, or a Scientologist for that matter (although our space travel might improve in both cases). Thanks for giving me this link! - Butch

RFSJ said...

Hi Butch,

I think you're making my point: there is a difference in deciding not to vote for somebody because you are uncomfortable with his or her religious beliefs, and declaring ipso facto that someone is unqualified to be President because of one's religious beliefs. There is a difference, and it's important.