Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Super Bowl Blogging

7:28: Fidelity? Prudential? Never say Never. It''s GMC Truck! Huh. 7 out of 10 for keeping me wondering.

7:29 - Bud Light foreign accents: 5. Dumb.

7:30: Still 7-3, NE. I don't know how much I will do this - live blogging is hard!

7:38: "Eu de Planters" - 8!

7:41 - Pepsi Justin Timberlake "Gets you Closer" - eh. 4.

7:42: Doritos Mousetrap: I chuckled. 6.

7:45: There's 1:05 to play in the half. Already?

7:54 - finally, the half time! I'll coment on it when it's over, maybe.

Half-time show: very low key. Lots of Tom Petty standards, but just the standard band-on-the stage views - no drama to speak of. Avoiding wardrobe malfunctions, maybe....

8:38: They just announced: to check out the ads - better than my blog, I'm sure :-)

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