Thursday, February 28, 2008

Love is Never Having to Say You're Sorry...

So I've always wanted to watch Love Story and have never seen it. I caught it on cable this evening. This is the movie with the line "Love never means having to say your sorry." I'm not sure I believe that. We can't help but sometimes hurt the ones we love, even though we try hardest not to. I was gonna blog about this whole idea, but then I caught the line, "Just pretend everything is normal."

(Spoiler alert!)

This is after the doctor tells Oliver (but not his wife) that she's dying of some disease and he asks, "What can I do?" That's when the doctor says, "Just treat everything as normal."

I thought about that for one second. Now maybe I'm totally wrong. But I've taught, and I personally believe, that it's better to tell it like it is than to beat around the bush about hard things in life. I admit I've not hard too many hard things - not like this movie and certainly not like people I've had the privilege to know or come in contact with - but it seems to me that being truthful, without being unnecessarily blunt or unfeeling, is important, vitally important.

Perhaps I'm wrong in this. I'd be pleased to be corrected. Is it better for people not to know what's going on?



Doorman-Priest said...

It absolutely depends who is doing the telling.

the Reverend boy said...

Depends on who's telling and how it's being told.

For myself, though, I would much prefer to know the truth up front. I believe that people eventually "sense" when something important is being withheld from them.