Sunday, February 3, 2008

Live Blogging the Super Bowl

Pet Peeve: stupid questions from the announcers to the players. And stupid answers too!

I just realized that Fox is broadcasting this. Yuck!

Here's the KO: receiver down at the 23 or so.

Bud Light Breathing Fire: Pretty Funny! "Breathing Fire no longer available with Bud Light."

Audi "Old Luxury": if you didn't get the reference, you'd be lost.

6:46 PM: diet Pepsi Max: Funny! 7 out of 10. It was the last scene that made it.

7:00 PM: Prudential Footpath Ad: 3. Very dull.

7:01 PM: 3-0, Giants.

7:02: TD NE! 6-3. Now 7-3.

7:04: R-rated - almost X.

7:05: Dell Go(Red): I didn't get it.

7:06: The ads are coming fast!

Fedex Pigeons: 7 rating. 5 - didn't catch some of it.

Tide My talking Stain: cute - 6 out of ten.

7:13: Bud Hank/Rocky Ad: I loved it, espeically pulling the train! but I was a sucker for the 2002 Bud ad too - watch it here.

7:18 Corolla cell phone: 5

7:19 Garmin GPS Ad w/ Napoleon: 6

7:24 Thriller/Life Water: 8 - I love the lizard line dance!

on to the next segment....


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