Sunday, June 17, 2007

Baseball Update June 17

Play starts for RFSJ II and RFSJ III tomorrow. Finally!

With RFSJ III I got some of my waiver requests, but did not get Matt Morris or Jeff Suppan like I hoped. I might have been able to so do so if I had put a higher priority on the order of my requests. Oh well. I picked up some other interesting pitchers off of waivers, and I think we're OK to go ahead.

Barry Bonds is available in the RFSJ II league, so I've placed my request to pick him off of waivers. I'm low on the waiver line (10th out of 12) so it isn't likely I'll get him, but if so, I will drop NYY Johnny Damon.

It's Day 16 for the Juniors in second place. I've had a bad pitching day for Matt Morris - 8 ERs in 4.0 IPs, which is terrible. However C.W. Wang is having another excellent outing, and Joe Nathan got a rare win, albeit with a terrible 18.00 ERA - only 1 IP, though, so that didn't hurt too much. At the moment, my overall ERA for the day is 7.62 on 13 IPs. Not great at all, but I will get a second win out it when the Yankees finish beating up on the Mets in Game 3 of the Subway Series.

I realize I haven't talked about hitting much. For today, my batters are 6 for 28, 4 R, 2 HRs, 2 RBI, and 1 SB, with a .214 average on the day. Not a great day - average has been higher recently.

Even though I think that better pitching is more important in rotisserie baseball than hitting, I think hitting is more important in real baseball. A pitcher can have a great 0.00 ERA for 9 innings, but will get the loss if his hitters don't make hits and runs.


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