Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Everything You Always Wanted to Know...

....about rope but didn't know whom to ask: Knot and Rope Supply in Perrysburg, is your place. My dad works part time there doing all sorts of things like splicing lengths of rope and doing decorative work. Last year they had a commission to do some decorative net work for the Ann Taylor stores in New York. They also supply all kinds of maritime needs, as you might expect. Check them out and pass the word.



RFSS said...

I am the rope duffer at Knot and Rope Supply. In that respect I am to blame for cantankerous utterances on all topics, including those political and religious. I am held in ambivalence at best and have only one saving grace. I splice rope of all size and kind. To my employer’s utter disgust, no one has yet designed a machine for splicing rope and we splicers are few and far between.

RFSJ said...

Well, I'm glad there isn't a rope-splicing machine. Don't even think about trying to invent one, either!