Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This Says It All

Isn't anyone concerned but me?



Troglodyteus said...

Of course, Rex Babin shares your concern.

We survived the Monica (“I did not have sex with that woman!”) Lewinski imbroglio and we will live to hear this new tale again, and again, and again, until we wear out our mute buttons or upchuck on our TVs.

RFSJ said...


I hardly think that having sex in the Oval Office rises to the level of a Constitutional abrogation of authority. I never did then, and I don't now. Disgusting and stupid, sure. But not a constitutional issue. At least least President Clinton did not lie to the people about a war that has now cost at least 3200 American lives and the good well of most of the world.


Maria Diarrhea said...


Troglodyteus said...

Hello Bob and Maria!

How sesquipedalian. So much so, that I cannot understand the meaning of “a Constitutional abrogation of authority.” Dictionaries define the three main words. Putting them together creates a great buzz-phrase but does not lead to clarity.

Maybe it depends on whose ox has been Gored.