Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Good and the Less Good

The Very Good News: my good friend Chris Bishop is now the Rev. Chris Bishop! He and six others were ordained to the diaconate today at the Philadelphia Cathedral. It was a wonderful service. At the last minute. Chris asked my to serve as one of his presenters,. I was honored to say yes. Pictures will follow.

The Also Good News: Day 8 for the RFSJuniors at #2. Today I'm only two points (90.5 to 88.5) away from nearly perpetual 1st place AllOutBulls, and 13 points ahead of the #3 Go Dodgers.

The Less (Maybe) Good News: I got up early to go to Philly today and did not check my roster. I have two starters (Hudson and Marquis) starting today, and I kept then accidentally benched. However, they are starting against each other! So their performance, if bad, won't accrue to me. Currently, at the bottom of the 2nd, it's 4-3, Atlanta over Chicago. Maybe they'll both get creamed with ERs and get it out of their system. Sad, isn't it, that I'm actually hoping my own pitchers do poorly? Update: Marquis lasted 1.2 IP with 2 ERs and a 10.80 ERA, Hudson 2,0 IP with 5 ERs and a whopping 22.50 ERA - none of which accrued to me. Whew!


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Troglodyteus said...

All youse gotta do, kid, is
'Think about The Game'.